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The Tommy Finnegan Legacy Foundation is currently accepting applications to sponsor a child with special needs. It is our hope that we can touch the lives of many children in need, just as Tommy was supported by so many through Tourney for Tommy over the years. Please contact TFLF to refer an applicant.
The mission of the Tommy Finnegan Legacy Foundation (TFLF) is to provide assistance to families whose children have suffered illness, rendering them physically and/or mentally challenged. The support provided will directly affect and enhance the life of that child, which in turn benefits the family as a whole. The TFLF will provide assistance, utilizing resources gathered through fundraising events, after evaluating the needs of each family seeking assistance.
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The Tourney 4 Tommy is the leading fundraiser that funds The Tommy Finnegan Legacy Foundation.

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"Each life is a miracle that changes the world and leaves it a better place than it was before."

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